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Jan 28, 2015 | Uncategorized

Just over a week ago I was attending a networking event in Dartford. Having forgotten to switch my phone to silent, was embarrassed to receive a call from a relative at 8.20am. I quickly cut the call and hoped no one had noticed.

After the meeting I felt obliged to check the screen to see if any message had been left. To my horror there was a list: a missed call from my brother, my sister, my wife and a text from my co director asking me to call home as soon as possible.

Unfortunately my mother had suffered a major stroke; a few hours later I duly arrived at a hospital on Merseyside to see her. Fortunately she survived the initial crisis and is now in a rehabilitation unit, to begin the long slow process of getting back her mobility. 

The circle of life can throw us seriously off course at times. 

Visiting the Wirral Acute Stroke Unit over those few days showed some great qualities which should be present in any business.

Straight Talking

No matter what the nature of our business, all customers are fundamentally in need of our help. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be talking to us in the first place. My mother and her family needed help. We received the calm reassurance that only comes from those who are experts in dealing with that condition. No lofty claims but honest straight talking.

Clear Information

Even if we didn’t quite grasp the situation fully as it was explained to us, there was plenty of clear, easy to follow information around the walls and rest areas. Do your customers know exactly what they are getting? Is the sales process understandable and fully transparent? Is your sales literature as comprehensive and easy to understand as it could be?

On Time Delivery

Having told us what was to be done, they got on and did it. The various team members clearly acted together. A high level of staffing meant that whenever anything was required, it was supplied quickly and efficiently. Would we be truly happy with the quality of our service? Are the team members courteous and professional? Nothing seemed to phase the ward staff; we even got some free coffees from the tea maker. A trivial example maybe of over delivery but it’s those little things we remember. What our customers will remember.

Positive Feedback

Each patient was assessed, regularly reviewed by the appropriate personnel and moved up the ward. Why? They want the experience to be positive and life changing. We may not be involved in a business that will make a big impact on our customers’ lives, but has the experience been positive? Have we worked with them closely so that if our offering is not the most suitable available, changes will have been made? Have we taken the time to make sure the customer is genuinely happy with their purchase? The overall aim? 100% customer satisfaction.

Next Workshop

Great customer service comes from having great systems and processes. Why not attend our next workshop which looks at the start of the client relationship. Wednesday 11th February at 8.00am. To book, contact us on 020 8460 0543, visit our events page or reserve a place via Eventbrite.

The Grugeon Reynolds Team