Apple Watch 4 as a business tool

Feb 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

The latest Apple Watch 4 offers best in class fitness tracking, a vast range of apps and much more, but is it a useful business tool or is it geared more for lifestyle users?

The Apple Watch is probably the best smart watch currently on the market and the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the best version yet. The new Series 4 has a new thinner design with a larger screen. It is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes and the new display is designed to offer improved responsiveness.

For buiness professionals who are working on client sites or in hazardous situations, the Apple Watch 4 offers “fall detection” which can be set up to automatically alert a contact if you have a serious fall. For those who work in stressful environments or who suffer from work related stress, the Apple Watch 4 offers improved heart-rate monitoring. The new version even offers a new ECG app that can check for heart arrhythmia.

For business people who travel regularly, travel apps and airline apps can be loaded onto the Apple Watch to help you when you are on the move. Just like on a smartphone, if you add the relevant airline app to the Apple Watch, you can download a boarding pass, receive check-in alerts, etc.

Your calendar appointments can be synched with the Apple Watch, so when you wake up in the morning feeling jet-lagged, you don’t have to remember to check your smartphone – as your alerts will come straight to the Apple Watch. If you lose your iPhone you can even use the Apple Watch to help you find it. The Apple Watch can even activate the iPhone’s flash to help you to locate it (useful if your phone falls down the back of a sofa).

Like any smartwatch, you can use the Apple Watch to screen your telephone calls. If a call comes in, you can check the caller ID on the Apple Watch and accept or decline the call simply by tapping the red or green icon on the screen.  You can ignore an incoming call by covering the Apple Watch with your hand.

If you buy the GPS + Cellular model, which is priced from £499 (£100 more than the GPS only version) the Apple Watch 4 can work without being anywhere near your iPhone. This is useful if you want to remain connected even in the swimming pool or the gym. 

For business users, the Apple Watch Series 4 is like a Swiss army knife – very useful and if you utilise it properly, you will probably wonder how you ever lived without one.

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