The to do list conundrum

Dec 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

To do list

There are lots of ideas out there and we have passed on many examples of how to keep control of what you need to do and never miss that all important deadline.

If you have struggled with apps that you can never keep up with or seem to have list after list the following idea may be of help.

One of the recent podcasts by Stever Robbins the Get it done Guy, focussed on a system put forward by Mark Forster. The title is ‘To do list Essentials: How to Recruit Your Subconscious Mind’.

For those who struggle with an app the system can run on a paper notebook!

Simply list all the important tasks you need (the long list) and then review and mark the incomplete or important tasks with a dot. You will end up doing the ones that “jump out”.

For the full details you need to look at the transcript or listen to the podcast at:

A different take on an age old problem. How to get things done.

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