Does a small or medium sized business really need an accountant?

Jun 5, 2018 | Uncategorized


Does a small or medium sized business really need an accountant?

This is a question that most people will always say yes to, but what are the reasons to use an accountant?

Will an accountant always save you tax?

That is often given as the main benefit from the man down the pub. All  qualified accountants are required to act in your best interests, so tax minimisation comes as standard no matter who you are.

Will an accountant help me sleep at night?

Well yes, running a small business can be a stressful experience, particularly in the start up phase, when everything is new, and great demands are placed on your time and technical skills. Accountants can help you keep on track and comply with all the various tax regulations

Will an accountant keep me up to date?

Now this is the tricky bit. In an age of rapid change and constant updates not just in technology, but what the government requires of a business, the most important aspect of the business – day to day running – can get lost in deadlines and form filling. So you need to work hand in hand with the accountant to keep on top of everything but also keep the essential people  happy – the customer!

Will an accountant know my business?

Perhaps the greatest asset an accountant can bring is not just knowledge, but experience. That extra bit of life story that comes from working alongside countless other businesses. Seeing what works and what doesn’t in a range of situations. Accountants apply their knowledge to each different situation helping you run your business better.

Will the Accelerator Club  help my future business?

The Accelerator Club has been designed to help the small business owner learn something from the experiences of the accountant and other business owners. At these events we share ideas and find practical solutions to real world problems.

At the next event we will be looking at how to read a basic set of accounts. Many small businesses love their accountants but often remain unclear exactly what the accountants are talking about, and don’t ask for fear of looking stupid. Book free session here

So come along and see how the accounts hang together, what it all means and more importantly, how a bit of extra knowledge can help you understand your business better. Once you know how the different parts interact it can really help to push your business forwards. You will begin to see how small changes can yield better return for your efforts.

Does a small business need an accountant? Absolutely!