How to know what you don’t know?

Aug 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

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Admit you don’t know everything

I was a little shocked to be told recently that there were things that I could not do, because I don’t know stuff. As history tells us, pride always comes before a fall.

Whilst a little annoyed by this revelation it is true, having eaten a slice of humble pie, I have to admit I can’t know everything. Perhaps like me you are amazed just how clever the Eggheads or The Chaser are, stars of question and answer TV shows, able to answer virtually all including even the most  obscure questions. How do they know all this stuff?


Decide what you need to know

In business there are lots of things we need to know, some we don’t know, others we could know and probably some we really do need to know, so how do you find out? Whether it’s to do with tax, accounting, marketing, health and safety, GDPR, HR etc etc we often need help.


Plan where to go to know

There are ways we can educate ourselves – read the financial or business pages on websites or in newspapers, look at the popular business books on Amazon, attend seminars or workshops but which ones to choose? How best to find out?

Increasingly accountants, banks, solicitors, the FSB help by running learning events. Another starting point would be to attend a networking group. This can be great value for both growing your business but also providing learning opportunities by hearing how other businesses are doing, in particular, what they tried and had worked and maybe what didn’t!


Remember there’s a podcast for everything

If your area lacks a business group, radio is also a great source of information . You may have time to search the Internet but if not, there are many podcasts to download and listen to. For example Radio 5 live ‘Wake up to money’ provides some great insights into business. Radio 4 also produces some stimulating stuff such as ‘The Disrupters’. Also, if you can cope with the madness of Stevie Robbins, the ‘Get it Done Guys Quick and Dirty tips’ are always great value and not too long either.


Attend the Accelerator Club to boost your business knowledge

Finally, you can attend our own Accelerator Club workshops. There is no substitute for hearing the real life experiences of small business owners. This can be a real tonic to expand your areas of knowledge and help fill in the gaps that you perhaps didn’t even know existed.

Why not attend the next session on Thursday 12th September book here.