Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Sep 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

field and river photo AR

On the recent bank holiday I was travelling through the Lincolnshire fens. A beautiful sunny day and one very much to be enjoyed. But not for the local farmers, who we were repeatedly stuck behind in their big tractors towing even bigger baling machines. No bank holiday for them, their work pattern dictated by the weather not the calendar.

Making tax digital may have been postponed, but you can still take advantage of making your accounting digital. Many small businesses are still recording their transactions on a ‘when I have time’ basis. Often at the end of a day or at the weekend.

By converting your accounts to digital, making use of the latest technology to speed up the accounting process, should free up some time. You will actually see how your business is doing in almost real time. Perhaps even enjoy some more time off. Think about it, up to date and relevant accounts come rain or shine!

One of the specific potential gains from making your accounting digital is an improvement in cash flow. We will be discussing this in particular at the next Accelerator Club on the 13 September, to book click here.

Photograph by Andrew Roberts.