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We are currently being or will be bombarded with all sorts of statistics, opinions and suggestions as to how to decide whether to vote to stay or vote to go. 

At the back of the minds of many business owners will be the question, “What if… we leave, how will it affect my business?” 

It’s often true in life that we only truly appreciate something when we don’t have it any more.  Many of us will have realised just how useful parents are AFTER we have left home for the first time. 

So how can we begin to assess the impact of leaving objectively, particularly after being in Europe for so long?  Recently we have heard opinions ranging from, “It will make no difference if we stay or go” to, “Leaving will be a massive improvement” or even, “Leaving will be a total disaster”.  That’s a big range!

As always, you have to sit back and look closely at just how the business runs and consider the factors that have a key impact on your business.

It will be a very painful lesson if we find ourselves on the wrong side of that final decision.

The next workshop at 8am on 10th March in our Accelerator Club series will look at planning, not so much planning for BREXIT but planning for MAXIT, making sure your approach to planning will maximise the return for your efforts.

In particular we will be looking at how the business is running now, how that reflects your overall aims and what are the likely sensitive points to any change in the business environment.  We will also cover a brief overview of the basics of putting a plan together in the first place.

If you can’t make the next workshop consider the following:

The big picture

Every business should be clear on:

  • What they are selling.
  • Who their customers are and even what constitutes their ideal customer.
  • Is your product or service fulfilling the customer or client needs?  Is it truly helping people?

Money, money, money

  • Have you got the price right?  Pricing a service is always a tricky one. Customers will be happy to pay for what they perceive is great value but price too cheaply and you will struggle.
  • Is it easy to get paid?  The easier you make it, the less likely you will experience cash flow or bad debt problems.
  • Are there any spin offs?  Can you add on a simple extension to your product or service that can increase the average value of each sale?

Spreading the word

  • How are you getting the word out?  How are your customers finding you? Are you shouting in the right places?
  • Do you have a system for referrals?  Your best advertising may come from your satisfied customers; get them talking about you.

 Measuring success

  • Keep track of the numbers.  Yes, us accountants will always tell you how you did, but do you know how you are doing now?
  • Are enquiries on the rise?
  • Is your conversion rate improving?
  • Just what is the average value of each sale?

 Facing up to reality

  • What if trade falls?  Do you know the reasons?  Can you honestly face up to the challenges this might present?
  • What actions do you need to take to get your business back on track?

If your plan is written fully and comprehensively, you might even be able to work out for yourself whether you should vote stay or go! 

To book for our workshops go to the events page of our website by clicking here or use the link here to go to Eventbrite.  Alternatively phone 020 8460 0543 or email


The Grugeon Reynolds Team