Putting In The Right Effort To Grow Your Business

Apr 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

Have you got the 10 key skills and attitudes?

At a recent Workshop run by Cranfield University attendees were encouraged to reflect on 10 key skills needed to secure sustainable business growth. How would you rate across the following?

1. Passion

You need passion to enthuse your team and your customers. No passion, no performance.

2. Strategy

Jumping in at the deep end can be a real life changing experience but a carefully thought out plan is usually a more productive approach. We need to think more.

3. Goals

We need to know where we are going. Companies with written plans do on average 33% better than those without. A plan gives clarity, clarity brings strength.

4. Sticking to the knitting

Don’t ignore what’s already there, make sure you get maximum value from the existing client base.

5. Know your competition.

Use benchmarking to see how you compare. Aspire to greatness, aim to be one step ahead of the competition. Very important is the ability to say “‘no” so you don’t take on too much or get involved in non-core work.

6. Know your numbers

Focus on driving up your bottom line, don’t be a busy fool. Don’t be afraid to dispense with hindrances. You should know how the business is doing and what the target numbers actually mean on a day to day basis. If you are not sure get the accountant to explain it clearly. 

7. Be a grown up

Aim to be a small, big business not a big, small business. 

8. Coach a great team

In fast growing companies, two thirds of owner managers spend most of their time motivating and coaching the team.

Try and recruit the brightest you can afford, invest quality time in their development.

9. Walk the high wire

Keeping your balance as an owner/manager is difficult, but it’s all about leadership. Make sure you build in study time so you increase your own skill levels.

10. Love your customers

Keep them happy, continually strive for service excellence. No customers, no business.

There is normally room for improvement across all areas of business, it just takes effort focussed in the right area. Cranfield run a specific course called the Business Growth & Development Programme (BGP) which has yielded impressive results for those attending. 

Our own growth programme is based on similar principles, helping you get a better return for your efforts whilst sharing the experience with other like-minded small business owners.

Visit www.grugeonreynolds.co.uk/events for details of the next session.

If you are serious about growing your business join us and take on the 40% Growth Challenge, together we will be better!