Tax Returns: Painless Execution

Apr 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

The media has been full of the trials and tribulations relating to personal tax returns. What’s in them and perhaps even more interesting, what’s not!

Radio 4’s World of Business went to Norway recently to investigate their system. In that country everyone’s return is posted on line, so anyone can see what someone is earning and how much tax they paid.

History has played a significant part in creating this circumstance. The decision being taken when Norway became independent from Denmark to make an announcement annually, to show who had paid what tax in support of the newly independent nation.

Would you mind your tax return posted on the Internet for everyone to see?

A strong protestant tradition of equality reinforced this process. Even curtains were discouraged at one time. You don’t need curtains if you have nothing to hide was the thinking behind this idea! Something that may strike fear in the hearts of many a UK homeowner.

Today Norway has a reputation of extremely low levels of corruption, partly explained by this culture of openness and almost total wage parity between the sexes and between individuals carrying out similar work. 

Here in the UK, we are unlikely to see mass publication of personal data. It’s just not our cultural background. I can still feel the awkward silence that fell at school when an over zealous six former asked a visiting speaker in a careers lecture “how much do you earn?”.

We do however have to tell the Revenue, through the Self-Assessment system. As we are now into the next tax year it’s time to start thinking about completing 2016 tax returns.

Would you mind your tax return filing date posted on the Internet?

It doesn’t often take time but it’s one of those jobs that some deal with straight away and others leave until the last possible moment. When do you do yours….?

Getting things done: Can you say yes to each of the following?

  • Always complete your daily/weekly to do list?
  • Never late for an appointment?
  • Always return calls promptly?
  • Always have a clear desk at the end of each day?
  • Your inbox never outgrowing your outbox?

Would you mind your personal productivity score being posted on the Internet?

If you can say yes to four or more, congratulations, but do come along to our next workshop on 20 April at 8.00am. If you didn’t well the same invitation applies. Together we will be looking at how to overcome the problems that stop us getting things done.

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The Grugeon Reynolds Team