Your neighbour always seems like he is on top of all his house projects?

Jun 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

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This article reproduced here via Flipboard and proven 9 tips on getting your house/life in order.

As always a lot of things in productivity articles may seem obvious but how often do we need reminding?

Those ideas work not just at home but in business too! Particularly where the idea of a dump zone, regular purging and knowing when to ask for help!

Your neighbour always seems like he is on top of all his house projects. Your friend is an expert organizer and is seemingly able to keep track of everything. So, what’s their secret? Here are nine tricks from highly organized people that everyone can benefit from.

Have a Routine

Highly organized people tend to adopt routines to help them stay organized in their day-to-day lives. If you tend to run late in the morning, find a routine that allows you to get all the things done and get out the door in time. In the evening, for instance, take 10 minutes to complete tasks, such as tidying up the kitchen, taking out recycling, etc. 

Automate When Possible

When you automate regular tasks, you’re less likely to forget them. For instance, organized people often schedule reminders on their smartphones, use their bank’s online bill pay system and use a shared calendar for keeping track of family events. You’ll keep your mind clear for more important tasks. 

Write Down Reminders

Whenever you think of something you may forget, write it down. Or, use the Notes function on your smartphone to jot down reminders to yourself. If you don’t like using a phone for this, keep a small paper tablet and pen with you, including in your car. You can also use your home’s personal assistant to keep track of reminders.


Give Everything a Place

Well organized people give every item a place, which cuts down on clutter. Create a space for all items in your home and when you are done using an item, put it back where it belongs right away. 

Designate a Dump Zone

Make one spot in your home a dump zone. This zone can be used for items you don’t have time for right away, such as mail or your child’s permission slips. Try using a basket in the entry way or in the mudroom to collect these items. You’ll never lose track of that important bill again. 

Purge Regularly

Nip clutter in the bud as soon as possible. Really organized people purge regularly, de-cluttering everything from their bedroom closets to medicine cabinets to the garage and laundry room. Make purging a regular event and it will be easier to stay organized.

Stick with the Tried-and-True

Organized people stick with what works. Whether it’s cleaning supplies, their favorite makeup or even laundry detergent – trying new items to find you don’t like them as much as your old standby can be exhausting. Save your time and stick with what you know already works.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Many people feel they need to strive for perfection, but that’s not always necessary. Realize that you can’t do everything and put your energy toward things that really matter to you. You can stand a messy bedroom but can’t fathom an overgrown lawn? Use your time and energy to take care of yard work first. 

Know When You Need Help

Just because you’re organized doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Organized people know their strengths and weaknesses and know when to reach out for an extra hand. Know your limits.